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SST and HS2 Merging Into A New School 

The decision has been made to reorganize the School of Science & Technology and the Health & Science School effective the 2020-2021 school year. Due to the budget shortfall, it is clear that neither school will be able to preserve their core programs if they continue to operate independently. Therefore, the schools will merge into a new school.

The new school will be opened at our current site incorporating the strengths of both schools. 2019-2020 will be a planning and transition year for both schools. The Class of 2020 will be the last graduating senior class from SST and HS2. Thereafter, graduates will receive their diplomas from the new school. It is exciting to consider the prospect of opening a new school with more opportunities for our students in grades 6-12. 

EL Education

Expeditionary Learning (EL Education) The new school will open as an Expeditionary Learning School. This is the current model at HS2. EL Education provides a powerful, coherent framework for engaging learning with a focus on rigorous student outcomes in academics and character. Students experience expeditions (real-world, in-depth studies both inside and outside the classroom), share their learning and achievements with authentic audiences through public exhibitions, and belong to a Crew (EL’s advisory vehicle for fostering relationships and the habits of scholarship that every student needs to be successful.) SST students have had access to the EL Education model through crossover classes at HS2. Now all students will benefit from Expeditionary Learning in all classes of the new school.


Schedule The new school will open with a bell schedule similar to that of other option schools in the district, namely ACMA and ISB. Students will take seven classes and have a supervised study period. This is similar to SST’s current schedule, but will be a significant change for HS2 students. As part of the transition, the new schedule will be put into effect next year, 2019- 2020. Our current A/B day schedule does not follow a predictable pattern, nor does it align with other district high schools. This can be confusing to new students, particularly younger ones in the middle school. The new schedule will align with the district’s A/B day schedule, which could make more off-site options available for students such as partial day programs like Career Encounters at PCC, Terra Nova, and automotive classes. 


Currently, there are limited options for students to take “crossover classes” between HS2 and SST. In the new school, all students will have access to the Computer Science pathway and the AP Science classes currently offered at SST as well as the Biomedical and Engineering pathways offered at HS2. Students will be able to supplement their main focus of interest with classes from other pathways or even complete two pathways during high school. The new school will open with three mature Project Lead the Way pathways, namely in Computer Science, Engineering, and Biomedical Studies. To the best of our knowledge, we would be one of a very few, if not only, Project Lead the Way schools in the country sponsoring three complete pathways.

High School Credit Opportunities

High School Credit Opportunities HS2’s current schedule limits students to taking a maximum of six credit units per year. Beaverton School District graduation requirements call for students to complete a total of 24 credits in order to graduate. In the current model, if a student were to fail a class anytime in their ninth-grade year, they would be off track for graduation. At times, SST seniors would find their forecasting opportunities limited by the comparatively few available course offerings due to SST’s size, which prevented students from building a full schedule. Starting in the transition year (2019-2020), all students will be able to earn seven credits a year toward graduation by taking an additional elective class option from one of the three pathways.

Middle School Curriculum

The focus of the new middle school will be to provide students the opportunity to explore the pathways that become available in high school. We anticipate that students in 6th and 7th will be able to take “wheel” classes that last for nine weeks and rotate through experiences in Computer Science, Engineering, Biomedical Studies, and Art. In the 8th grade year, we plan to have students focus on two pathways featuring semester long classes, so by their 9th grade year, students have a clear idea of which pathway they will focus upon in high school.

Supervised Study

A study hall period will be available for all students. This will increase the amount of homework being completed at school so that students have a better understanding of the material. Students would be able to use this time to work together in small groups or individually. Focused supervised study classes could be available for students needing extra teacher support in math or writing.