Students collaborate using chromebooks

Our students are issued a Chromebook for both school and home use.  For Chromebooks issues, please bring the device to the library for assistance. 

We have a small number of devices for families without internet at home. For students who do not have WIFI at home, see David Anderberg or your counselor.

 Please refer to the following links if you have questions regarding your district issued Chromebook.

BSD Chromebook Information Page


BSD Digital Permission Form


Internet Safety Resources

What do I do if...

My chromebook breaks?

If you drop your chromebook, have visible damage or if it simply is not working, please bring your chromebook to the library. We will assign a temporary chromebook to use while your chromebook is being repaired. 

Any damage will be assessed according to the Damage/Loss Protection Plan. If your issue is found to be cause by user damage, it will be assessed as an insurance incident. Manufacturer defects are not assessed as an insurance incident

Remember, intentional damage and damage caused by extreme negligence (throwing backpacks with chromebooks inside, leaving chromebook in the rain, etc) are not covered by the Damage/Loss Protection Plan, and will incur the full cost of repair.

My charger breaks?

Chargers are not covered by the Damage/Loss Protection Plan, and students with a broken charger will need to pay a fine before they are issued a new charger. Power bricks cost $10. Wall side cables cost $5. Replacements for lost chargers is $15.

If you turn in your chromebook without a charger or ask for a new charger, a charger will not be issued until either the old charger is turned in or the fine is payed.

I lost my Chromebook?

If you lose your chromebook, you will first be asked to check all of your classrooms. Chromebooks are usually found within 24 hours. If you are still unable to find it, it will be considered an insurance incident and you will be issued a new chromebook.
If you have already had an insurance incident, you will be fined $150, half the cost of the lost chromebook. After your 2nd insurance incident, the fine for a lost chromebook will be $300, the cost of the replacement chromebook.

I am missing a key?

If you notice you are missing a key come to the library as soon as you can and try to keep all the pieces. Often keys can be replaced easily for no charge, however the longer you wait the more likely the components of the keyboard will become damages, resulting in the need for a keyboard replacement. This will be considered an insurance incident.