Health and Science High School and SST offer many classes that include both high school credit and the option for college credit at the same time. Students are able to get college credit for a tuition fee that is substantially less than the cost of the same credits once students are in college.  Students enrolled in PSU classes have access to additional services at PSU. For detailed information on specific classes, course fees and enrollment process, see each College below.

Students must obtain the course number(s) and CRN(s) from your teacher prior to beginning the enrollment process for each university. ‚Äč



Spanish 4 

Writing 121 




Step One: 

Apply to PSU

Apply to become a student at PSU. This step only needs to be done once, ever. Returning students do not need to do this step. Create a temporary login and password which will generate your PSU ID number and a security/activation code. You will need this for the next step!

Step Two: Activate Account

Activate your online account, called an ODIN account. You will need your PSU ID number and the security/activation code you received from completing step one. You only need to do this once. Returning students do not need to do this step.

Step Three: Register for Classes

Now you can register for your class or classes for the current term/semester. Returning
students who have an active ODIN account only need to do this step.


PSU Tuition is $220 per course; the same course taught on campus is $872 so taking dual credit courses saves students a significant amount of money if they plan to attend college. 

Students who provide documentation of financial need (free/reduced lunch eligibility or a counselor letter) pay $50 per course. This documentation must be uploaded to the online registration system the first time the student registers for a course. The same document or a note indicating that the document is on file must be uploadedin subsequent registration periods. 



All OIT courses are free if the student has free or reduced lunch.

  • Health 4
  • Biology 4
  • Human Body Systems 1
  • Medical Interventions 1
  • Biomedical Innovations (BI) 1
  • Chemistry 1
  • Introduction to Engineering Design 2
  • Principle of Engineering 2
  • Principles of Biomedical Science 3
  • Digital Electronics 3
  • Engineering Design & Development 3

1 Pre-registration is required; Cost: $100 per semester, BI is a 2 semester class so cost is $200 unless free or reduced lunch. then cost is $0. 

2 Pre-registration is required; Cost: $25 per credit and credit varies by class. 

3 These classes are credit by proficiency. Students do not enroll in them at the beginning of the term. To receive 3 OIT credits, students must maintain a B average and demonstrate proficiency via their capstone projects. Paperwork to receive credit is available from your teacher. For questions about credit by proficiency, contact Tom Baker or Jeff Crapper.

4 In Biology/Health, students will sign up for college credit during each quarter (fall, winter, and spring) for $100 per course x 3 = $300, unless free and reduced lunch, the cost is $0. 


EnrollmentStep One:


OIT website for dual credit

Go to the above link and Click the large, blue “Register to Enroll” button. Click on the Dual Credit Application and submit. Fill out the rest of the Application. If you need assistance, call OIT but have your student nearby as FERPA regulations will not allow the phone representative to give you information. OIT contact information for Carleen Drago Phone: 503.821.1297 email: 

Step Two: Pay for your class. Parents can mail a check directly to OIT for payment or use the online payment system CASHNETCashNet



If the PCC Course title differs from the HS2 course title, it is noted in parentheses. All PCC courses are free when taken thru HS2. 

  • Pre-Calculus (Elementary Functions MTH 111 and MTH 112, 5 quarter credits each)
  • Inventor Fundamentals (3 Credits)
  • Digital Electronics (Intro to Electrical Test Equipment - 1 credit and Digital Systems 1 - 4 Credits)
  • Tech Survey/Applied Engineering (CNC Router Operations - 3 Credits, Laser Cutting and Engraving Fundamentals - 1 Credit)
  • FDM Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals Orientation** - 1.5 Credits
  • 3 Dimensional Laser Scanning Fundamentals** - 1.5 Credits

**These courses are not currently offered at HS2 but may be offered in 2019-2020 school year. 


To begin enrollment at PCC:  There is a 3-step process for students who wish to receive college credit for their high school course work through PCC Dual Credit: 1.

Step One:

Apply for admissions

Step Two: Set up Account

Log into your MyPCC

  •  set up your permanent password

Step Three: Register for Dual Credit classes

You will need the appropriate course number and CRN for step three. Your teacher will provide you these each semester for each class. 

Missouri S&T


  • Principles of Biomedical Studies 
  • Human Body Systems 
  • Medical Interventions 
  • Biomedical Innovations

College credit may be earned through the successful completion of an exam, project and Capstone Presentation (capstone classes are noted with an asterisk). Credit in this manner cannot be completed until the end of the course. You will need to acquire the appropriate paperwork from your HS2 teacher to receive this credit. 

Every Biomedical Innovation(BI) student who earns a B or higher on their capstone project automatically qualifies for the BI credit. If they earned a score of 6 or higher on their End of Course (EOC) Exam in Principles of Biomedical Studies (PBS), Human Body Systems (HBS), and Medical Interventions (MI) they also earn college credit. Every course through Missouri University is 4.5 quarter credits and the cost is $250 per course.

Missouri S&T PLTW College Credit Website