Student Council

As elected representatives of the Student Body, Student Council:

  • Promotes a greater degree of unity, respect, spirit, and cooperation among students, faculty, staff and administration.
  • Improves and promote positive school climate.
  • Represents and elevates student voice to the faculty and administration.
  • Provides a forum for students to express concerns and thoughts regarding school policies and guidelines.


Student Council Make-up

In addition to a President and Vice President for both High school and Middle School, each grade level gets a grade level representative. 

Upcoming Student Council Events

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Membership Qualifications and Policies

1. All members of the Student Government must be registered full time students of Health & Science School Academic Program.

2. All members will apply and be elected by their peers. Once nominated they must meet the Requirements for Office in order to run for election.

a. Requirements for Office:

i. Must be passing all academic classes.
ii. Must never have been found responsible for a Minor or Major Student Conduct Violation.
iii. All applicants will be required to commit to be on campus for at least 2 after school sessions for student leadership training.
iv. Applications will be due on October 1st. Late applications will not be accepted for any reason.

3. Elections will occur November 6th.

4. All procedures for nominations and elections will be implemented by a panel of  Health & Science staff and administration.

5. The term of office for all student council positions will be the duration of the current school year they have been selected to represent. During that time they will represent all Health & Science School students from November until the end of May.

6. If a student receives a Minor or any Major infraction and/or academic violation before their term of office ends they will be removed from their position and an alternate will be selected as a replacement and approved by the council.  

7. If a student withdraws for any reason before their term of office ends an alternate will be selected as a replacement and approved by the council

Campaign rules and regulations

a. Students may not announce or begin campaigning until applications have been officially reviewed and all candidates have received an official email approving their candidacy. This official email will contain the dates in which campaigning my take place and the regulations that will govern those campaigns. If any student announces or begins campaigning without prior approval they will be immediately removed from the election.

b. General Guidelines:

i. Libelous or slanderous campaigning is not permitted. Candidates must be respectful of all other candidates, all students, faculty, and staff during this process.

ii. No person may personally or through an agent intimidate, harass, use or threaten the use of force, violence, or restraint in order to compel or induce any person to vote, abstain from voting, or vote or abstain from voting for a particular candidate.

iii. No campaigning may take place at or within view of any polling location during polling hours on the election days. Nor may any campaign materials be present or in view at a polling location during polling hours.

iv. Before campaigning all candidates must submit a Campaign strategy overview to Ms. Lewis in the Future Center.

v. Violations of these rules may result in penalties of up to ten (10) percent of votes received or removal from the election process, this will be at the discretion of the Election team.